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Paper Competition ICC ISAE 2017

ISAE Paper Competition 2017


Indonesian Society of Agricultural Economics (ISAE) is a professional organization that acts as a forum for the gathering of enthusiasts and observers of agricultural economics. Through these organization, all members can enhance their roles and contributions to develop agricultural economics and its application in national development. This year, ISAE will held an International Conference and Congress on 23-26 August 2017 in Bali, Indonesia. On the occasion, ISAE held a paper competition for students interested in agricultural economics. Through the competition, ISAE is trying to give opportunities for the young generation in Indonesia to participate in giving some suggestions to improve agricultural conditions through a culture of critical thinking by using a scientific approach.



“Social Economics of Sustainable Food and Agriculture: Youth Perspectives”



  1. Participants of this competition are undergraduate students from Indonesia (shown by letter of information from head of department)
  2. Participant is a group not an individual student. Each group consist of 3 students at least from two difference department or difference faculty in the same university.
  3. Authors are required to certify that their papers represent original works and are previously unpublished elsewhere. Simultaneous submission to any other conference, workshop or journal is strictly prohibited.
  4. Plagiarism and auto-plagiarism are strictly prohibited. So, all of participants should make a statement of originality.
  5. Each group can only send one paper to the committee.
  6. Each group in the writing of the paper, should be supervised by one lecturer.
  7. The jury’s decision can’t be contested.
  8. Every paper that has been submitted become the right of the committee. The committee can publish it in form of book, proceedings, and other forms of publication.
  9. Submissions that do not follow the conference submission rules and format will be disqualified.


Basic Submission Rules

Language English
Paper length HVS – A4Abstract: less than 300 words within 2 pages

Full paper: within 15 pages, including references, tables/charts, and keywords

Key words 3 – 5 words
Font 12 – Times New Roman
Paragraph 1.5 spaced
Margin Normal(Top: 2.5 cm; Bottom: 2.5 cm; Left: 3 cm; Right: 3 cm)
Page numbers Bottom-centered
Format MS Word-compatible file and pdf file
Structure Paper consists of:1. Cover

2. Abstract

3. Table of Contents

4. Approval Page

5. Statement of Originality

6. Introduction (Background and Objectives)

7. Literature Review / Theory

8. Research Methods

9. Result and Discussion

10. Conclusion and Recommendation

11. References

12. Author Biography (Each member is described in one paragraph + photo)


Main Text

The length of each article must not exceed 15 pages. It must be submitted as an MS Word file and PDF file, using Times New Roman 12 font, and typed 1.5-spaced on A4 paper setting. Use American rather than British spelling. Numbers from zero to nine should be written out (e.g., three); Arabic numerals should be used for all other numbers (e.g., 14). Dates should be written as follows: April 14, 2017.


Tables & Figures

Each table and figure (accompanied by the original tabulated data) must be numbered in order, and placed at the end of the article. To facilitate layout and type setting, the editable files of the tables and figures will be required when a paper is accepted for publication. Text for tables should not be smaller than 9 points. Scanned or digital photos should be in high resolution (minimum of 300 dpi).

All measurements should be expressed using International System of Units (SI). The US Dollar equivalent should be given when other monetary units are used.



Each reference must be mentioned in the text as a continuous quotation. Use Harvard citation style.  

For examples:

Arnell, Nigel W. 2004. ‘Climate change and global water resources: SRES emissions and socio-economic scenarios’. Global Environment Change 14 (1): 31-52.

Cochrane, A. 2007. Understanding urban policy: a critical approach. Blackwell Publishing, Malden, MA.


Paper Submission Guidance and Deadline

Paper must be submitted as Microsoft Word file and PDF file, less than 2 MB.

Sent via email: with subject ISAE Competition_ Title


Important date:

Submission of paper: 25 July, 2017

Period of judging: 26 July – 10 August, 2017

Winner announcement: 15 August, 2017


Board of Jury

  1. Dr. Amzul Rifin, SP, MA (Bogor Agricultural University)
  2. Prof (R). Dr. Ir. Erizal Jamal, MS (Ministry of Agriculture, Indonesia)
  3. Prof. Dr. Ir. Endang Siti Rahayu, MS (Sebelas Maret University, Surakarta)
  4. Dr. Ir. Rosihan Asmara, SP, MP (Brawijaya University)
  5. Dr. Hasnah, SP, M.Sc (Andalas University)
  6. Dr. Ir. Wahida, MS (PSEKP / Agricultural Attache of Republic of Indonesia in Brussel)
  7. Feryanto, SP, M.Si (Bogor Agricultural University)



  1. Group representative (1 person) from the best paper will be invited for presentation on International Congress and Conference, in Sanur, Bali 23-26 August 2017 (free transportation and accommodation). Grand Prize: Rp 5.000.000,- + certificate
  1. 2nd Place: certificate + Rp 3.000.000,-
  2. 3rd Place: certificate + Rp 2.000.000,-



Paper Competition Guidance ISAE 2017

International Conference on Agriculture, Environment, and Food Security Universitas Sumatera Utara 2017


Call for Papers

The main scope of this conference will address the following relevant topics, but no limited to:

  1. Agricultural Engineering
  2. Plant Science (Agronomy and Plantation, Plant Breeding, Integrated Pest Management, & Soil Science)
  3. Agricultural Economics
  4. Animal Science
  5. Food Science and Technology
  6. Marine and Fisheries Science


Abstract Submission Deadline June 23, 2017
Abstract Notification July 4, 2017
Full Paper Submission Deadline  July 27, 2017
Full Paper Acceptance Notification  August 31, 2017
Conference Registration Final Deadline for Presenters  September 15, 2017 
Conference Registration Final Deadline for Participants  November 2, 2017 
Conference Days November 7-8, 2017 
Post Conference Tour November 9-10, 2017 
(Tour to Toba Lake and Samosir Island or Bukit Lawang)   


For more information please visit:

or send an email to:


Seminar Nasional Agribisnis IV 2017 – Universitas Diponegoro

Yth. Bapak dan Ibu Anggota dan Jejaring PERHEPI
Di tempat


PP PERHEPI bekerjasama dengan PERHEPI Komda Semarang dan program Studi Agribisnis Universitas Diponegoro akan melaksanakan SEMINAR NASIONAL Agribisnis IV tahun 2017 dengan tema “POTENSI DAN PENINGKATAN NILAI TAMBAH PRODUK AGRIBISNIS LOKAL UNTUK KESEJAHTERAAN PETANI”.

Berkenaan dengan informasi tersebut, panitia mengundang Bapak dan Ibu Anggota dan Jejaring PERHEPI untuk dapat berpartisipasi aktif sebagai peserta dan pemakalah dalam kegiatan yang akan dilaksanakan pada:

Hari/Tanggal : Rabu/6 September 2017
Tempat : Gedung ICT Universitas Diponegoro Semarang
Agenda : mohon dichek pada leaflet terlampir.

Adapun beberapa sub-tema yang akan disampaikan pada SEMNAS tersebut adalah sebagai berikut:
1. Potensi, tantangan dan permasalahan peningkatan nilai tambah produk agribisnis lokal
2. Inovasi teknologi produk agribisnis lokal
3. Kewirausahaan produk agribisnis lokal
4. Penguatan kelembagaan petani produk agribisnis lokal
5. Strategi pemasaran dan perilaku konsumen produk agribisnis lokal

Batas pengiriman abstrak pada 2 JULI 2017 dapat dikirimkan melalui email, Informasi registration fee seminar, ketentuan penulisan paper dan lainnya dapat dilihat di leaflet yang terlampir atau tautan web berikut:

Pendaftaran dapat dilakukan secara online melalui tautan berikut:

Adapun (contact person) panitia yang dapat dihubungi adalah:
Siwi Gayatri, SPt., MSc., PhD, (Hp 0852 2584 3307)
Migie Handayani, S.Pt., M.Si. , (Hp 0817 9422 191)

Demikian informasi ini kami sampaikan kepada Bapak dan Ibu, atas perhatian dan partisipasi aktif Bapak dan Ibu kami ucapkan terimakasih.

Sekretaris Eksekutif
Pengurus Pusat Perhimpunan Ekonomi Pertanian Indonesia (PP. PERHEPI)






Undangan Seminar Nasional Sosek Fakultas Pertanian UGM Tahun 2017

Yth. Bapak dan Ibu Anggota dan Jejaring PERHEPI
Di tempat

Mengundang Bapak dan Ibu Anggota dan Jejaring PERHEPI untuk dapat berpartisipasi sebagai peserta dan pemakalah dalam kegiatan Seminar Nasional Sosial Ekonomi Pertanian Fakultas Pertanian UGM Tahun 2017 yang bekerjasama dengan Magister Manajemen Agribisnis Universitas Gadjah Mada dengan tema “Keberlanjutan Agribisnis Indonesia di Era Globalisasi : Liberalisasi atau Proteksi?” yang akan diselenggarakan pada:

Hari/tanggal: Sabtu, 29 Juli 2017
Waktu: 08.00 WIB – Selesai
Tempat: Auditorium Prof. Harjono Danoesastro,
Fakultas Pertanian Universitas Gadjah Mada
Jl. Flora No. 1 Bulaksumur, Yogyakarta, 55281

Adapun subtema makalah dan prosedur pendaftaran serta pengiriman full paper (pemakalah oral) atau extended abstract (pemakalah poster) dapat dilihat pada website, leaflet dan prosedur pendaftaran (terlampir).

Feryanto, M.Si
Sekretaris Eksekutif PERHEPI
Surat Undangan Pemakalah & Peserta Semnas Sosek FPN UGM 2017 (1)

Panduan Registrasi Online Semnas Sosek UGM 2017

Materi Narasumber Seminar Nasional “Peningkatan Produktivitas dan Daya Saing Komoditas Pertanian”

Sabtu/1 April 2017 telah diselenggarakan Seminar Nasional dengan Tema “Peningkatan Produktivitas dan Daya Saing Komoditas Pertanian” kegiatan ini bagian dari rangkaian kegiatan Dies Natalis Univ. Galuh ke-19. Kegiatan ini merupakan kerjasama Prodi. Agribisnis Fakultas Pertanian yang bekerjasama dengan Perhepi Komisariat Daerah (Komda) Tasikmalaya. Berkenan dengan hal tersebut, berikut kami sampaikan kepada Bapak dan Ibu materi yang disampaikan oleh para narasumber:
1. KEYNOTE SPEECH-Menteri Pertanian-Semnas Ciamis, 1 April_2017

2. Bahan PERHEPI Ciamis_Prof. Erizal Jamal

3. Universitas_Galuh_Kementan_April17_Prof. Tahlim S

4. Improving Productivity and Environmental Performance of Marine Finfish Farming in Thailand scenarios of husbandry and marine pollution impacts

5. Presentasi Dirut RNI

6. Model dan Strategi Usaha Ekonomi Desa – Kemendesa

Semoga bermnafaat.